If you’re looking for a studio with a vibe, then you’ve found it. Revolution Studios is a place to work, create, and allow the magic to take hold.

It’s you, me, a couple security cameras, and some of the finest recording equipment that the industry has ever seen. Microphones that are coveted by George Martin (the Beatles producer). Custom built one of a kind tube compressors. Vintage Neumann microphones from the 50’s. World class pre’s and eq’s. Hand built, improved modern replica’s the most legendary microphones of all time.

There is a very simple adage I learned long ago, and it applies more to recording equipment than to almost any other thing I can think of: YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. The cheap stuff rarely sounds expensive. Conversely, once a recorded signal is captured using high end equipment- we can make it sound any which way you’d like. Going for lo-fi? We got ya. Going for 100% absolute major label sound? Excellent. We have the gear & the experience necessary to achieve this. Wherever you end up recording, please know this: without a certain level of quality recording equipment, it is next to impossible to make your recordings sound like what is heard on the radio.

If you’re looking for a studio that will meticulously craft the absolute highest quality production- then you couldn’t have picked a better place.

The true ‘revolution’ in recording music has been that you can come to this wonderful space I’ve built, and together- we can create a recording that is 100% major label quality. And we can do it without breaking your pocket book. Notice that I’m saying “we”. That’s because you and I are partners on a team. Together we are setting out on an extremely important mission. What is that mission? In your mind- you have an artistic vision. And idea of what you want to create, and how you want it to sound. It is our mission to reach inside your mind, and extract that idea- and make in manifest in reality. On a guitar, a keyboard, a microphone, a drum set- on a computer ect.

If your idea isn’t developed yet, then it is part of my mission to help you develop it. I have 13+ years, 1000+ song experiences doing just that. Whatever it is that you need- I can make it happen.

Please click here and read the F.A.Q. to learn more about any specific needs you may have